KTS strives for quality in every project we take on.

We view quality as a foundation for our success, and instill that philosophy into our employees. This philosophy has garnered us a solid reputation with our customers, and we are fortunate to earn repeat business as a result.

KTS understands the importance of the role that technology plays in what we do.We make a concerted effort to stay up to date with the latest software and tools available to us in order to stay competitive within our industry. We also integrate the latest technology in the equipment we build.

Our Customers


We supply customers in kinds of fields, what we do is priovding stable service and robust products.

Cold extruding parts

Steering yokes, slide yokes, end yokes, welding yokes used in steering system and driveline shaft system.

Precision Machining

High quality machining items for automotive field, hydraulic fields. Support small quanitity of samples.

Assembling parts

Driveline shafts and I-shift assembling services.

Stamping parts

Widely used stamping parts for customized design.